Product Characteristics

....01. Can be converted to 4Gas and
      5Gas Analyzer Modules as well.
....02. Automatic Temperature Adjustment (2~8 min)
....03. Slick Design
....04. Automatic Preheat Time Adjustment (2~8 min)
....* Registered as Conditional Auto Repair Equipment

Product Specifications


Target Subject CO, HC
Sensor Theory CO, HC: Non-Dispersive Infrared Analysis (NDIR)
Analysis Range CO 0.00 ~ 9.99% HC 0 ~ 9999 ppm
Resolving Power 0.01% 1 ppm
Display 4 digit 7segment LED 4 digit 7segment LED
Repetition Rate Lower than กพ2% FS
Response Time Within 10 seconds (90% of the time)
Preheat Time Approx. 2~8 minutes
Sample Requirement 4 ~ 6 L/min
Voltage Use AC110V or AC220V กพ10%, 50/60Hz
Power Consumption Approx. 50W
Category Temperature 0กษ ~ 40กษ
Size 285 (W) * 410 (D) * 155 (H) mm
Weight Approx. 4.5kg
Included Accessories
Probe, Probe Hose, Emergency Fuse, Water Leak Testing Cap, Emergency Filter, Instruction Manual, Power Cord, Ground Wire, and Type Approval Certificate.